Parking & Transportation

Parking on Campus

Parking is free for students and visitors! White-lined spaces are designated as free parking for anyone visiting our campuses. Yellow-lined spaces are reserved for 云顶集团赌场 employees who have purchased parking permits. View the campus maps for parking options.

Alternative Transportation to Campus

  • Ride with Ben Franklin Transit - FREE!

    云顶集团赌场 is proud to partner with Benton Franklin Transit to offer all current 云顶集团赌场 students and employees free ridership. Need a ride to campus? Having trouble getting to work? Just show your 云顶集团赌场 ID with the current quarter sticker for free rides on BFT Connect and all routes offered by Benton Franklin Transit

    Go to for system maps, schedules, and more 
    Call Customer Service at (509) 735-5100 to help plan your trip 
    BFT Connect is ideal for riders whose starting locations or destinations are too far from a bus stop. Click here to learn more. 

  • Preferred Parking for Carpooling

    Did you know 云顶集团赌场 has designated carpool spots for those who share a ride to campus? Stop by the Security Office in the V Building to pick up the Carpool Parking Permit Application or click here for a full list of rules and regulations.

  • Biking to Campus

    Bike lockers are available for those wishing to secure their bicycle and belongings while on campus. If you wish to reserve a bike locker, you can find the application here or at the Campus Security office located in the V Building. Bike rack parking is available throughout campus.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Need a charge? The 云顶集团赌场 Pasco campus has two Electric Vehicle Charging outlets available outside the CTE building. Charging is free, but you’ll need to bring your own Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).


Citations will be issued for violating of any of the below regulations.

  • Do not operate a motor vehicle at a speed in excess of 15 miles per hour.
  • Do not operate a motor vehicle in an unsafe or dangerous manner.
  • Do not operate a vehicle in a restricted or closed area.
  • Do not park or operate a motor vehicle in any unpaved or landscaped area.
  • Student or general parking is identified by WHITE striped lines on all paved parking lots. Parked vehicles must be completely within the white lines, no parking in paved lots except within the white lines.
  • Parking spaces with YELLOW striping are reserved for employees with permits only. No student or visitor parking permitted at any time.
  • Do not park in a manner that obstructs traffic or blocks a fire access lane.
  • No vehicles may be parked outside of designated parking lots. NO PARKING ON STREETS.
  • Do not park in any space marked “service vehicles only”.
  • Do not park or leave a vehicle unattended in a “no parking” zone or along a red curb.
  • Visitor parking north of the H Building is reserved for temporary guests to conduct business. No student parking permitted at any time.
  • Carpool parking reserved for two or more carpool permits. Permits must be displayed on dash. $30 fine.
  • Parking at the CTE Building is limited to those vehicles currently being worked on by shop students and to employees with permits. No other parking is permitted.
  • Parking in the south A Building loop is limited to 15 minutes.
  • Do not violate any State of Washington vehicle code provision.
  • Washington State Certified Vehicles may use handicap space only when handicapped passenger is present at time vehicle is parked.
  • Special permit required for Richland Federal Building Parking Lot.
  • Sunhawk Hall parking is reserved for student tenants and guests with valid parking permits only.
  • Do not abandon a motor vehicle or parts of a vehicle on campus property. After five days, the motor vehicle or parts will be considered abandoned and will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • All vehicles shall follow traffic arrows and other markings established for the purpose of directing traffic on campus.
  • In areas marked for diagonal parking, vehicles shall be parked at a 45-degree angle with the vehicle facing head in.
  • No vehicle shall be parked so as to occupy any portion of more than one parking space or stall as designated within the parking area. The fact that other vehicles may have been so parked as to require the vehicle parked to occupy a portion of more than one space or stall shall not constitute an excuse for a violation of this section.
  • Motor vehicle operation and parking regulations shall be in force during the hours of 6 am to 10 pm.


Campus Security has been delegated the responsibility of motor vehicle and parking enforcement. Parking violations may warrant the issuance of a warning, summons or parking citation. More information about parking fines is located in the Parking Fines Policy. Citations may be paid at Hawk Central. Failure to pay a parking citation will result in grades and transcripts being withheld and registration for the following quarter denied until payment has been made.

How to Appeal a Citation

If you have been issued a citation and you believe this was issued in error, you have the option to file an initial appeal within five business days from the date the citation was issued.

A parking citation may be overturned for two reasons:

  1. There is substantial evidence that a violation was not committed for which the citation was issued; or
  2. A violation was committed, but circumstances were not under your control; and
    • Prior to being issued the citation, you made some demonstrable attempt to notify Campus Security; or
    • You can produce written verification from a source who was a party to the situation establishing that the situation was so unusual it cannot reasonably occur again.
  • Lack of knowledge of the regulations
  • Forgetfulness
  • Parking for a short period
  • Inability to find an authorized parking space
  • Failure to obtain a temporary permit
  • Failure to notice parking signs
  • Failure to display a parking permit
  • Disagreement with, or inability to pay, the fines
  • Never receiving the ticket
  • Unable to find an available parking spot (full lots)
  • Using flashing hazard lights
  • Someone else was using your car
  • Having a co-worker or friend say it's ok to park there
  • Running late
  • Inclement weather
  • Inability to park legally due to other vehicles being parked illegally

To appeal a citation, you must submit the Citation Appeal Form within five business days from the date the citation was issued.

  • Describe the facts of the matter including when, where, how and/or why the incident occurred.
  • If extenuating circumstances are the basis for your appeal, supporting documentation must be included (e.g., accident reports, medical records, auto repair bills).
  • Enclose a photograph, map or diagram of the parking space in question if you believe it will help the Citation Review Committee understand the basis of your appeal.
  • Explain how your action did not constitute a violation by applying the parking regulation in question to the facts you have discussed.


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