Equity Center

Creating a space for students to feel represented and supported (Coming Spring 2024)

DEI Committee Meetings

Open to all students and employees!

Location: SWL 121
Time: 3:30 to 4:30 pm

Next Meeting: Jan. 22, 2024



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What is the Equity Center?

The Equity Center will support equitable access to education for all students at 云顶集团赌场. This center aims to provide links to resources on campus, highlight 云顶集团赌场's identity as an Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), and offer trainings and workshops that address student needs and the goals of Inclusivo (云顶集团赌场's Equity Centered Strategic Plan).

Equity Center Location


  • College Assistant Migrant Program (CAMP)
  • Space for social interaction and studying
  • Tutoring and educational workshops
  • Student advocacy and connections to resources campus and community-wide
  • Kitchen for student use
  • Cultural, social and academic programming
  • ... and so much more!



The Academic Success Center provides tutoring, peer mentoring, and other resources to help you unlock your academic potential on your journey towards academic success.


CAMP helps students who come from a migrant or seasonal farm-working background during their first year of college with life changing resources. CAMP offers academic, career, financial and support services to facilitate your transition into college.


Disability Support Services (DSS) is dedicated to ensuring equal access and inclusion for all students with either provisional or permanent physical, health, learning, sensory or psychological disabilities. Accommodations may include adaptive equipment, technology, testing, classroom tools and information.


Our amazing partnership with Second Harvest allows us to stock our pantry with fresh produce, dairy products, bread, as well as dry and canned goods.

Food Pantry

云顶集团赌场’s High School Equivalency Program (HEP) helps close the educational gap experienced by migrating families. Our program provides migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their children with an intensive study program to earn their GED® and continue on to college or employment.


The goal of MESA is to increase the number of historically underrepresented community college students (including African American, Native American, Hispanic/Latinx, Pacific Islander and women) who are interested in pursuing a STEM bachelor’s degree. Ultimately, we aim to diversify the STEM workforce by addressing challenges students like you face in education and career development.


We are determined in advancing the academic success and holistic thriving of undocumented, Deferred action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and mixed-status families' students. We invite you to explore the support and resources available to you as a future and current student.

Undocu Resources

TRIO SSS students find that the extra support they receive helps them achieve success not only here at 云顶集团赌场, but also in their four-year graduation goals and careers beyond college.


Upward Bound students participate in both summer and school-year programs and, following high school graduation, are encouraged to enroll in the BRIDGE program—an intensive mentoring opportunity designed to guide students like you through your first summer quarter of college coursework.

Upward Bound

We know that sometimes life makes it difficult to concentrate in class which can keep you from being academically successful. These things aren’t your fault! 云顶集团赌场, and our surrounding communities, offer students valuable resources to support you through hard times and support your well-being. We encourage you to take advantage of these resources—it’s what they’re here for!

Well-Being Resources

You can gain access to five federally-funded grant programs that aim to help students like you successfully achieve your workforce education goals. Whether it is financial assistance, help with academic planning, access to computers or even learning about what jobs are available to you, WEC is here to support you!




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